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TorqStorm’s New Supercharger Kit Boosts Chrysler Slant Six Power By 85%

When TorqStorm’s supercharger exerts itself, expect a boost range that extends from 1,800 to 6,500rpm, thanks to the design of the compressor wheel. Yet, to the majority of Slant Six owners, slightly less gusto—5,000 to 5,500rpm—is probably all that’s required. But in horsepower increases they seek an additional 100 to 150hp, which is around an…
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JESEL Introduces New Chrysler Hemi® Belt Drive Distributor Drive Combo

LAKEWOOD, NJ – The latest generation 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L small-block Chrysler Hemi is building a solid reputation in drag racing circles and horsepower shootouts like the Engine Masters Challenge. Jesel’s new bolt-on Hemi belt drive provides racers and engine builders with a solution to integrate camshaft and distributor drives into an extremely accurate…
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Hot New Design: JESEL LS7 Pedestal Rockers

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Jesel is well known for its innovation in shaft rocker systems where its proprietary valvetrain geometry can be optimized with rocker pivot length, ratio and fulcrum height minimizing rocker/valve tip scrub at peak valve lifts and pressures. However, the new race rules for Factory Stock GM COPO engines require that the stock…
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Quick Fuel Technology® Introduces Revolutionary Electronic Fuel Injection System

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technology®, known for its innovative carburetors and fuel systems, is introducing QFI – a bolt-on throttle body electronic fuel injection system capable of supporting 500 horsepower. While the market is awash with bolt-on EFI systems, QFI is different: It combines the superior fuel atomization aspects of a carburetor with…
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