EQUIPPED… As part of the SPEED REVOLUTIONS drive to keep you informed and entertained, EQUIPPED is our chance to step outside the regular boundaries of the gear-head world. You’ll be introduced to the latest in equipment for your ride, and well as for the lifestyle we all share. As the title says it’s all about SPEED - STYLE - PARTS, whether it’s horsepower and handling, or personal style and fashion, EQUIPPED is where you’ll find it. The parts you need for your ride as well as your lifestyle. We’ll include events that gear-heads can relate to, but aren’t always the kind of thing you’ll find in the limited pages of print magazines. You may even find an occasional test drive of the latest of what Detroit and the world has to offer, as long as it stands up to our craving for SPEED - STYLE - PARTS. And hey, our EQUIPPED lady of choice will always get your attention, and direct you toward the gear you need.

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