Hosers. That’s what we call ‘em here in the States, our frozen Canadian brethren from the “Great White North.” They’ve sent us a number of great talents, the likes of Michael J. Fox, Dan Aykroyd, Neil Young, William Shatner, and Pamela Anderson. (Though she’s a favorite of many guys, Canadian or not. I got to bring her in for a HOT ROD / CAR CRAFT Swim Suit Issue talent hunt back in the day. Blame them, not me for her not making the list!)

So what does this have to do with “Norwell Equipped," you may be asking yourself? Not much, except he’s a Hoser too. Maybe all of that time indoors hiding from the cold, cooks up great talent.



Jeff Norwell, the mastermind behind “Norwell Equipped” is a resident of a little place about an hour and a half north of Toronto Canada, a little slice of heaven he jokingly refers to as Palookaville.



After graduating from the Ontario College of Art in ’86, he sent his portfolio off to the folks at Young and Rubicam Advertising Agency, and he soon found himself living in Toronto drawing story boards for the Ford television commercials that Y&R produced. This story board format kept him in touch with his one of his early passions, comic books, as well as his love of cars.



His Y&R work led from one thing to another, as talent often does, and within a few years he was ready to start a studio of his own. While out cruising with his wife Cindy one afternoon they stumbled upon the home, 3 car garage, and acreage that would become their very own “Palookaville”. He and his family had found their opportunity to get away from the pressures of the “24 hour” world of advertising and big city madness, and it provided them a chance to chase their dreams, enjoy his talent, and raise their daughter Madison. Once the move was made there was no looking back. After all in the world of the internet, and with talent that literally flows from your finger tips, location, location, location, no longer applies. That same world wide internet exposure of his art has brought him accounts as varied as beverage companies, insurance agencies, and restaurant chains. But they’ve never lured him from his addiction to hot rods and the influence of traditional hot rod art from the 50’s and 60’s.



While today most of his art begins life on the computer, (saving a great deal of time compared to putting pen to paper), he still feels that for those just getting started there’s no better foundation than traditional art techniques and education. Says Jeff, “Once that solid base has been established, then you can consider the move to digital formats.” Basically, learn to do it right!



So it turns out that those corruptive forces Mom and your teachers warned you about, hot rods, comic books, and enticing women… well, they were right. But what the hell, if it gets you your own slice of Palookaville, a chance to cruise the country side in a ’32 Ford, and a wonderful wife and daughter to share it with, being corrupted ain’t so bad after all.



Even if you are a Hoser from Palookaville.



Looking to get “Norwell Equipped”? Contact Jeff at 888-272-9191 or on the net at [email protected]. Copy rights Jeff Norwell - All rights reserved.


Artwork: Jeff Norwell    Words: Randy Lorentzen


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