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EQUIPPED:  Speed • Style • Parts

As part of the SPEED REVOLUTIONS drive to keep you informed and entertained, EQUIPPED is our chance to step outside the regular

boundaries of the gear-head world. You’ll be introduced to the latest in equipment for your ride, and well as for the lifestyle we all share.

Alan Peltier’s Top 5 Scotches:

Alan Peltier knows wheels. As President of HRE Wheels, wheels are one of his greatest passions in life. One of his other passions is scotch

whisky, and in this he is a connoisseur. These whiskys are not the most expensive or exclusive, but give a few of them a try and you’ll be on...

Old Mustangs Never Die

Ford Mustang VIN number 6F87CT85151 lived a rather average life. Born in early 1966, it toured the roads in style and power for years before it fell by

the wayside after a minor accident. Left to sit in a field for far too long, what started as an easily repairable issue became unsalvageable as...


I don’t really hide the fact that I’m a racing fanatic. Anyone who is familiar with my work or has met me, even briefly, knows that if it has wheels and

engine, I’m probably into it. I’ve been lucky enough to get up close and personal with a variety of machines in the past, ranging from stock cars...


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