How A Freshly Restored ’70 Chevelle LS6 Got Boring… And Solving It With QA1

Just Drop It….


What to do….? What to do.…? You’ve only put 300 miles on your rotisserie restored ’70 Chevelle LS6 convertible, and you’re already bored! Seems like a hell of a problem to have, right? We all wish for this type of thing to be our biggest daily worries. But in reality, this boredom and disappointment in drive quality happens more often than you might think.


The owner of this triple black ’70 Chevelle 454 LS6 convertible is a long time hot rodder. Model A’s, ’32’s, tri-5’s and more have been in his garage over the years. But like many folks, the muscle car bug bit him hard. So he had to go for the top dog of Chevelles and decided this time to go with a rotisserie restored, nut and bolt correct convertible. Besides, it’s a safe bet if you’re going to be sinking six figures into a new toy that a big block Chevelle is a great starting point. Then the car got delivered, a few hundred miles got put on and then reality struck. Especially if you’re a hot rod guy, a bone stock muscle car can be a bit of a disappointment. And if you’re the type that’s going to drive it instead of pickling it in a climate controlled collection, you might learn very quickly what many others have learned… steering that’s vague, non existent handling, brakes that sort of work, and other period realities of 50+ year old OEM technologies. That’s what brought us the resto-mod craze in the first place. Fantastic period looks with today’s expected driving dynamics.



One of the great things about so much of today’s technology for hot rods is that it’s bolt in. You can have your cake and eat it too. So if down the road you change your mind, you can always protect your investment and go back… to put it simply, go backwards! Though in today’s market a well done resto-mod can be worth more than an all original restoration, as buyers have realized the things we’ve just mentioned.

Even if it’s not a six figure investment, who wants to lose their ass on a car? $10K or $25K is the same to most of us as $100K to some. Regardless of the investment involved, it’s always best to do it safely, do it right, and improve the car!  

The obvious first step to creating a more enjoyable car to drive was a call to QA1 for a complete coil over kit, to get the stance right and bring the handling and ride quality of an iconic muscle car up to today’s expectations, with today’s technology. Boredom solved!



Read complete, detailed installation in Rodding Revolutions Issue 4

Words: Randy Lorentzen    Photo: Randy Lorentzen

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