’37 Chevy Vs. ’37 Ford – You Decide

It’s not often you get to compare a pair of 80-year-old rival make automobiles, much less a Chevy and a Ford given the hot rod makeover treatment by a team of premier car builders intent on creating the “ultimate ‘37”.

There’s lots in common: both are business coupes; they have insanely deep black paint and vivid red leather interiors; 1,000hp big-block Chevys; and drivetrains and chassis mods that make them drive as seamlessly as a showroom fresh ZL1 Camaro.

However, it is the subtle differences that sets these ‘37s apart yet makes them similar in so many ways. They are best described in great detail by John Pearly Huffman. John not only puts these cars in perfect context, he explains what was required for Jerry Kennedy’s ’37 Ford and Diane and Chuck Rowe’s ’37 Chevy to achieve this level of build. Click here for this unbelievable head-to-head face-off in Rodding Revolutions, Issue 1.


Words: John Pearley Huffman    Photos: Randy Lorentzen

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